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Next week's lab experiment: Alum Synthesis will be posted Friday afternoon (Oct 19).

We will offer make-up labs the week of Thanksgiving break (M-W), for those labs starting with the Limiting Reactant experiment.

If you want to make up a lab before then please read Making Up a Lab Experiment on the ICN Resource page.

Reminder: Assignment/Lab Reports
*Dates on assignment - range when exp. performed.
*Lab reports, due 1 week after lab performed.
*1 Week late - 25% off
*2 Weeks late - 50% off
*Labs submitted after that will not be scored.

Common errors
(1) submitting wrong file - TA can score and get you to resubmit
(2) File won't upload - larger than 5 MB - reduce file size (various free programs are available to make pdf files smaller)

For documented illnesses or other circumstances contact Dr. Mitchell Bruce (mbruce@maine.edu).

Problems? Contact the lab manager:

Last updated: October-18-2018
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